Sweet, Sweet Girls…

I realized tonight how blessed I am with the people that Shaun tactfully put in my life.  I have a sister, who is passionate about Shaun’s desires – and is raising money through her business.  I have friends – who are going to create an event that’s gonna stop Fredericksburg. Shoot, maybe DC even.  Shoot, MAYBE IT WILL TURN INTO IT’S OWN REALITY SHOW!!!  Everyone used to say, Shaun and I would make a good reality show – which unfortunately, is probably true.  But I was blessed by God, to have a man love me unconditionally.  I am blessed by God, with such a sweet support system of women, who are my soldiers in this horrible battle – and they are carrying me through.  For those of you who are my friends on facebook – Look at the amazing comments by numerous women.  Don’t ever take for granted the women God places in your life.
For example – Shaun’s daughter’s mom has been a rock for me.  She has listened at my cry, came and hugged me, and opened up her heart to me.  Megan, I can’t thank you enough.  You will never know how much you helped me – and continue to help me – through the this horrible time.  Our conversation today made my heart smile.  I love you girl….
And then, I talked to one of Shaun’s childhood friends – who was so happy for him, me – the kids.  And so proud of the change in his life.  It makes my heart smile again, when other people saw the change in him who didn’t experience him everyday.
I miss him so much – more than I could ever fathom.  But I was blessed to have him – blessed to have him as my husband.  And blessed to know I will be with him forever in heaven.  Thank you Shaun, for giving me the biggest gift ever – I hope you know how much it means to me.  I love you.

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