Arms of an Angel…

I’ve had a hard day.  I don’t know why.  But I have sat here and remembered the love that we had.  It wasn’t easy to come by for me.  It was a long and hard road  before I found him, and I believe it was the same for him.  I had dated different guys, a previous marriage, and then – only then – did we find each other.  It seems so random.  But it couldn’t have been.
When I thought of my life, relationships I had with others, that well – didn’t work.  They had their moments of grandeur, but they weren’t the ones that really understood me – and loved me anyway.  There were some good ones, bad ones, and some that I thought that were really keepers.
Then, there he was.  Standing in Unos.  And he shook me to my core.  I knew it – knew it – deep down to my the very essence of who I am.  It took me a long time to find him, but when I did.. Wow.  Now that being said, I have a love for God, my kids, friends – and everyone of those loves are near and dear to my heart.  But there is nothing more sacred, nothing more true, than being loved by, and in love with an angel. It hard to be in love with someone not on this planet.  Someone who now is perfect in every way.  I loved his imperfections, too.  Well, I will be honest, not all of them – but I should say some of them. But it still made up him.  And to me he was my soulmate.  Yin and Yang. Iced my Cake – and insert any metaphor of your own here.
Every night, when I go to sleep – I picture my angel’s arms encompassing me, and holding me through the night – so I can carry myself through another day.  And every morning I have woken – I have remembered and it hurts more some days than others – albeit the pain is immense everyday.  But I never have to doubt if he did love me – or if he still does.  Because I know the answer to that.

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