Remembering the Future….

Remembering the future… weird statement, I know.  But that’s what I’ve been doing today.  I’ve been sitting around and thinking, about all of my plans with Shaun for our future… And how they are never going to happen… And it’s sad, to me.
Here’s a few:
1. First year after retirement, we were going to take a month vacation, and hit every major league baseball stadium – and watch a game.  We were going to purchase opposing team shirts – and get our picture made in front of every sign, in a different fighting position.
2. We were going to live in a Senior Facility, in a super cool condo.  You know the type of place I’m talking about – where they cook your meals, serve cookies in the afternoon – the old guys get together and play poker.  The old ladies go to the “arts and crafts” room, and they discover their inner artist.
3.  We were gonna sneak out of the senior center after hours – and make out in the gazebo (because all of those places have a gazebo).  And yes, we made out often – and we planned to make out forever…
4.  He used to say, “Senior Ride Til We Die Baby…”  And everytime we saw the the Senior Ride – he would grab my hand and kiss it.  I dread the day I see the senior ride on the road.  Probably will have a breakdown – just sayin’.
5.  We wanted a beach house.  A lot.  We almost had one.  We were moving on August 1st.  The beach house has lost it’s luster for me.
So, I guess I will remember the future.  Make up what would have happened in my mind.  And think about how fun that would have been – since we didn’t get to do it.  But I am glad we had dreams, goals, and things to look forward too.  Because now I have memories from the past and I also have memories from the future…

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