Post it Note Chaos….

Today I had an incredible moment.  Incredible doesn’t do it justice.  I walked out of work today, and I had  post it notes on my car.  And they were so sweet!  There were three.. and they all said sweet, uplifting things.  I had a rough day at work yesterday, and a better day today – but still a little rough – and it changed my whole thought process when I saw them.  So, this blogpost is going to be short and sweet – but it’s a challenge.  We all have post it notes, or a receipt, or something we can write on.  We all know where our friends, family, or someone is at during the day.  And if not, we are all surrounded by cars daily.  Wherever you go, there is a vehicle.  So here is my challenge to you – give the gift that Christina Meredith gave to me today.  Tomorrow, write a positive and uplifting note. Put it on someone’s windshield, stick it on their window, whatever.  So when they come out – they smile like I did.  I’ve been through the death of my husband.  And today, I smiled from the inside out.  I haven’t done that since the day before he died.  Where you felt pure, complete, selfless caring.  If it can do that for me, God only knows what it can do for someone else.  Take the Post it Note Challenge.  Take 30 seconds out of your day, and brighten someone that you know, or a perfect stranger.  You never know who it will affect, or how.  So, thank you Christina Meredith – for letting God’s love shine through you onto my car window.  You will never know how much it meant to me. You will never know the feeling of getting that internal smile – and realizing you had lost it at a moment in time.  I felt loved, thought of, and adored.  And I realized that while I was working away – someone was thinking of me, and took the time to make me feel special.  I love you, girl.  Heart and Soul.

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