A horrible and sad reminder.

Today I got some very sad news.  Danny Gatlin, a man that I was in AD Basic class with, passed away last night.  He was a young guy – no older than 40.  This shocked me again.  I talked to Danny two weeks ago.  I talked to him for quite a while.  He asked me about Shaun’s death – he was shocked to hear the news of his passing.  He was in DC for Advanced tech training with work.  He asked me if I wanted to go to dinner.  (I couldn’t due to the brood of children – just too much), but we did have quite a conversation.

The conversation was a really deep one.  I had never talked to this man like that.  It was a conversation about God, your heart, true love, etc.  But two weeks ago, Danny said to me when he got off the phone – “I guess you need to make sure that you are ready to go at anytime.  You really just don’t ever know.”  I reiterated that to him – absolutely.  Did I ever in a million years think he would die?  No.  I really didn’t.  I mean, we can all say – “You can be gone in an instant….”  and we know it, obviously.  But, here’s my question, do we believe in our heart of hearts that it’s something that could happen to us?  In my take on it – you got like a 50/50 shot everyday.  But if I really thought that everyone had a chance to be gone is an instant, why would I act shocked when I found out?  So, I guess this is what I am saying – Once again I see it.  Pray – get your heart right with God.  It seems like I see the instants all the time…..

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  1. Kristie, I just joined your blog. I've followed Lifepointers since March. I was uplifted, as well as so many others, by Shaun's words & posts. I am truly sorry for everything you have gone through. You and your family are constantly in my prayers. Today's post touched me. On Aug. 24th, we lost a family friend due to a motorcycle accident. The fact that every day so many of us take the little things for granted. Thank you for your blog posts!


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