Oh be careful little ears what you hear….

I get the line of that song, I honestly do.  But I am going to defy that in this blog.  And the reason I say that, is because, well, it sounded catchy.  But here’s where I am going.  Listening is a powerful tool that we all have within our grasp.  We can help people profusely if we just listen.  But listening occurs with a lot more than just our ears – it happens with our hearts.  I was completely blessed by a friend of mine tonight.  And this is what she said to me.  “You listened to me.  Through all of this – you listened TO ME.  Not just with your ears, but you listened with your heart.”  Well, it was easy to do.  Because she always has listened to me completely, intently, and purposefully.  So, when someone does that, I guess in a way you reciprocate automatically.

But Shaun taught me how to do that.  When I talked to him, about anything, important or not – he listened intently.  Those piercing blue eyes would bore a hole in my head – and he made it known I had his undivided attention.  I knew that what I said was important to him – and he wanted to know.  I know that he completely knew my heart.  He knew my deepest thoughts – and that he was thankful that he was part of them.  He taught me how to listen in return.  There is a lot that can’t be said in words.  But a lot that can be understood if you listen.  I understand what he was doing now.  He was getting in touch with my heart.  Learning the feelings of my heart.  And he knew them in and out.  And he taught me to do the same thing. And even though he isn’t here right now, for me to talk to, I can listen to others.  And take care of needs they have just by listening.  God has given us a precious gift with our ears – we can learn so much.  I am thankful that I had the privilege of listening to Shaun.  And know what an amazing heart he has.  And he will always hold mine.

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