Glitterbugs and Fluffy Clouds….

It’s amazing how and when God can speak to you if you open your eyes and ears.  How many different ways he can answer a prayer.  But what do you do when you know that there is something more?  Something more that  you are supposed to do.  Where you really feel like, in your gut, that there is something that he is telling to you do – but you have no earthly idea what it is.  That’s where I am at right now.  And don’t get it twisted, I have no problem doing it, I just wish he would send me a text or a Facebook message.  I think that would be much easier for me.  But maybe that’s just it.  We want it to be easy, but he wants us to desire and seek his will.

So my question to myself tonight, is “What’s Next?”  I don’t know.  But I know it’s got to be something awesome.  I just hope that I figure it out soon.  I am instant gratification kind of girl.  I like to see progress to a goal quickly.  I like to start and complete tasks quickly.  I just don’t get it.  But I am going to try – so hard I am going to try.  But I know that Shaun is beside me and pushing me – I know that.  I almost feel like he is yelling at me in everyway he can – saying, “Keep Going, Boo.  You got this.  You know I’m here rooting you on… Make me proud – You already are – But you have  only started.”  Quite specific, right?  I know – weird.  But that’s what I am getting.  So- I’m on a journey.  I feel like I have packed a bag and started walking, and I don’t know where the destination is.  I just hope I am aware when I arrive.  Keep me in your prayers – lots going on in this head of mine tonight.  And if you are wondering about the title?  I know it’s weird – but, that’s what got me thinking about all this.  So it seemed fitting.

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