Sweet Memories.

Sweet memories are everywhere.  Everywhere in this house – through friends, the computer, the phone – everywhere.  And tonight I am thankful for sweet memories.  Memories that will cause me to never forget. Thankful that Shaun was such a powerful presence, that everyone remembers clearly their moments with him.  I talked to an old friend tonight, who knew Shaun.  And we laughed.  We talked about times past, and they made me smile.  I was so loved.  So dearly cherished by that man.  It’s scary walking through this life without him by my side.  But I know that he is always there.  I have his little boy.  And he will carry on the memory of his daddy and make him proud.  I have two sweet kids who adored him.  And those kids will always remember how much they were loved by him.  We will keep his spirit alive.  God blesses us with such complex brains – and so much of them we don’t use.  But it’s neat, how a song – someone – a smell, whatever – can stimulate a memory that   you thought was long forgotten.

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