Wow.  Powerful singer.  I have been obsessed with her music today, since my daughter told me she felt powerful while singing with her.  And her lyrics are gorgeous – and deep.  I love it.  But, as I am listening – I laugh, because I think of my sweet girl.  And, I realize this.  I might not have the answers as to who I am without Shaun – but I don’t guess I really have to know.  I will figure it out as I go along.  There is no timestamp on it.  No one is pressuring me to make it work right now.  So, I am going to go peacefully along – at least until my next mega breakdown – and listen to music, play with my kids, and be thankful.  God has given me so much – but he’s never taken away.  I have just lost a few of the gifts he allowed me to have.  But I will enjoy the gifts I have today – and I am going to share one – Here is my daughter’s favorite song – that makes her feel powerful….  This one is for you little girl…..

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