Good day… SUNSHINE!

I got asked a fabulous question tonight.  I loved it even.  And that’s why I am so late writing my blog – I was talking to a blog reader….  (And yes, It was kinda weird and stalker like, because I never met them – but after the fact, it was quite cool!)  But here is a question I was asked….  “How in the world are you so positive 95% of the time.  I would think it would be the exact opposite.”  Well, I had never thought of it that way.  Cause, to be honest, I would say that I can be quite the “Debbie Downer”.  But, I thought, and I do laugh at work.  I try to make jokes.  I genuinely love and cherish the life God has given me.  Have I been through some horrible times?  Obviously.  Are some days better than others?  Of course.  But, I have God and assurance – so how else can you really act?  I am positive.  Positive of many things.  And albeit, I have bad moments – for the most part – I know I am going to rock this.
A few days ago, I straight up freaked out on a friend of mine.  Acted like a complete crying and bumbling moron.  But it’s over with.  No point in dwelling on it.  I am gonna keep moving forward to my goals, my life.  And each day I am on this planet, I smile – because it’s one day closer to seeing my love.  And that will be glorious.  So that’s something to be thankful for, too.  I read somewhere when a guy was asked about how he was optimistic he said, “Well, that’s just the color of the sky where I live.”  That sums me up.  That is just the color of the sky where I live.  Every once in a while, there’s a few dark clouds, but for the most part – It’s gorgeous – and I can see a light on the horizon…. That’s my baby with his arms out – letting me know that he is there waiting… And to enjoy the view – until he can hold me and enjoy it with me.
This is the color of my sky…..

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