All sorts of families….

You know, nowadays, there are all types of families.  Dysfunctional, nuclear, extended, emotional, and I could go on.  But, I wanna talk about my families tonight.  I have a few.  First, my church family.  During the last few months of my life, my church family has been my rock.  They have carried me through some long lonely days and nights.  And I don’t think a bunch of people could be more supportive or endearing if they tried.  I never knew how precious a group could be, and I hope you never have to know how much to cling to them, but wow – if you need them – they are there.
Then my immediate family – daddy, mommy, sister, etc.  Enough said.  Always have been here  – always will be.  I am blessed to have an amazing family by birth.  I know to be thankful for that – so many don’t have that.  And then Shaun gave me some rockin’ inlaws.  Alan, I know you live far away, but I feel like you are here every time I see that little grin from Jacoby.  He looks like his daddy, who looks like his daddy – and it’s awesome.
Second, my friends.  Jacqueline, Krissie, Brooke, and Kelly.  Four females who have stood by me no matter what.  All hours of the day and night – they are there.  I can’t even describe the love and support they gave – and to try to do so, would just do it an injustice.  It really would.  So, just know – they were/are amazing – and haven’t swayed.  At all, not one second.
Third, my work family.  I haven’t talked in my blog much about where I work – but tonight – I am busting it out.  I work for GEICO.  I was an Auto Damage Adjuster.  My co-worker, my supervisor, and my manager – they were amazing.  This a company, with a ton of employees, where frankly, I didn’t expect them to cater to me or help me – and they definitely did.  They moved me to a position that helped me sooooo much – made my life easier for my kids, and me.  They definitely didn’t have to do that.  And now, I work with some amazing people.  They make me laugh daily.  And smile when I think I can’t.  And I adore each and everyone of them.
So, I guess I am saying this – who is to say what makes a family?  I have a ton of different types.  And I love each and everyone of them.  And I feel like God orchestrated each and everyone of these individuals in my life, because he knew when and where I would need them.  And maybe, just maybe, they need me too.  I can only hope.  So guys, I love you.  All of you.  And all of you know who you are.  And my Shaun loves you – for putting a smile on my face, carrying me through, and helping me keep my head up, when I think I can’t .  You have all made me a better person.  And I love each and everyone of you.  So much.

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