My poor little girl….

A few days ago, my little girl had to get an “appliance” in her mouth.  It has been horrible every night.  I have to insert a key into this contraption in the roof of her mouth, and twist a key.  It in turn, pushes her upper jaw out – widening her palatte.  It seems painful, and she sobs everytime.  It breaks my heart – like way deep down it breaks it.  Shaun was so good at that kinda of stuff.  He was a consoler.  He could yank teeth, take them for shots, pull out splinters, cleaned scraped knees – and he would have them laughing their heads off in no time.  I don’t know how he did that. 
There are times, we it hits me more than others, the level that I  miss him.  I miss him all the time – but there are times I can almost taste the level of lonliness without him.  When I feel like if he was doing this, it would be better.  He would make it better for all of us.  She has been so weepy lately.  I think it’s just now catching up with her, exactly what happened and that he isn’t coming home again.  And boy, that’s hard.  I know it is.  So pray for my little girl tonight.  For her teeth, but more importantly, her heart. And pray for me – that God gives me the words to say to her – to ease her troubled little heart. 

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