The Mismeasure of Man…

Okay, here goes.  And hang in there.  Years ago, when I was in college – I read book called the The Mismeasure of Man, written by Stephen Jay Gould.  Gould was a well known paleontologist and science historian.  He was a Harvard instructor.  Smart guy. But this book discusses biological determinism and it’s fallacies.  Explains why the IQ tests were invented.  And it goes into deep detail about how many researchers ideas were swayed by the racist society that they lived in.  It’s a tough read – but if you are into science and the like – I loved it.
Now, this is where I am going with this.  When I sat to think what to title this blog, because I can’t write if I don’t have a title – It kept popping in my head.  So, I thought about how this title – and what I needed to say were related.  And it came to me.  So here we are.  For those of you who know me from VA, and Lifepoint, I am sure you know one amazing woman – by the name of Ryan Major.  This woman has put herself out there publicly – about her struggles with weight and what she has done to get healthy.  She went from 308 lbs – to like 10 ounces.  Not really 10 ounces – but lets make this clear.  This weekend, she is competing in a fitness competition.  Amazing.  Literally amazes me.
Today, she posted a pic from a photo shoot she had.  And let me tell you – she looks gorgeous.  And then — people started being mean.  A tirade of insults were hurled at her for using photoshop in the pictures.  I could not believe what I was reading.  So then I do what any facebook stalker type would do – I started clicking on the pics of the people posting the comments.  All had makeup on, hair do’s, and some attempt and being presentable.  And here’s the funny thing – Ryan put on the caption of the photo – there had been some photoshop!  WHO CARES – SHE LOOKS WICKEDLY AMAZING AND HOT!
It gave me rage.  Deep down, pit in your stomach, full out RAGE!  I should feel like I should pray for these people, and I have – albeit half-heartedly.  But whatever happened to being kind to other people?  Is jealously really such an overwhelming factor in people’s lives, that they can only downgrade others?  If that’s the case – no wonder this world is in the situation that we are in.  If you can’t go through facebook and be positive – and happy for the successes you see of others – maybe you should delete your page.  Because that isn’t healthy.  Or even normal.  I know, that I only put positive things on my page – or funny – or both.  But if I am having a bad day – I don’t post it.  I don’t say, “Wow – my kids hate me today.”  Why would I post that?  It’s personal and it will change.  But if it’s positive, I sure do!  I want everyone to see my little successes – my kids successes – my husbands, too.
So what I want to say is this – Ryan Major – YOU ROCK! You are one strong motivator, a friend, and someone I look up to.  You are bold in your faith, your beliefs, and your heart.  You put yourself out in the public, just to help others – and unfortunately – at times it makes you a whipping post.  But thank you for being you.
And let’s make the rest of the week – a time to be kind.  Just be nice people.  It’s that simple.

If you want to read Ryan’s story – check it here….

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