Yes. I drank the Kool-Aid.

Catchy title, right? I wish I could take the credit for it – but I can’t. I am just copying a question that has been posed to me more than a few times over the past 24 hours. And yes. I drank the Kool-Aid. And  if you have no idea what I am talking about – hang on. It’s coming. 

First, when I post here – it’s to tell a whole lotta people about my life all at one time. So when I started getting questions – I thought – wow. There’s a blogpost. So now. Here we are. Now, for those of you who don’t know. Yesterday I signed on to be a Rodan and Fields consultant. And if you go to Lifepoint Church in Fredericksburg – you know exactly what that is. It’s all over Facebook. So hence – I drank the Kool-Aid. 
But here’s what is important for people to know on my side. And my why. Because – I have seen the same things everyone else has. The before and afters. The “woohoo” I love this stuff. And to be honest- I thought it was a scam. Not that my friends from church were scammers – that they were scam-ees (if that is even a word). But then I saw the faces of my friends. Results could not be denied. I knew these people before they used it – and I know them now. People who cried in my arms with me. I’ve been in their faces. (Kellie, JoDee, and Krissie – I bet your faces are a lot softer now! Lol!). But this wasn’t the canned before and after infomercial pics. This was my friends. So I thought…. Hmmm. It works. That’s positive. But who gets Into multi-level marketing? SUCKERS! 
Well, that was in October. It’s now March. I researched. Considered. Purposely looked for negatives. I researched a model behind Multi level marketing. And then I found out Warren Buffet is a huge supporter – aka pampered chef. And this is what I learned. Multi level marketing is not easy. You don’t buy a kit and become a millionaire. You have to invest. Work. Plan. Be intentional. Share. Promote. And to be honest – it is nothing that I don’t do every single day. At my day job. So a work ethic? I got that. Believe in a product? I got that too. Control over how much I make? Not so much. Maybe a bit- but not a lot. 
So I came to the realization In about January that it could work. But, I still wasn’t sold. I am a huge – I REPEAT – huge skeptic.  And here was what sold me. On February 10- my husband was admitted to the hospital. Gal bladder surgery. Nothing huge – had to have his gal bladder removed. I had mine taken out years ago. But when you have lost a spouse , every sniffle is huge. Every pain is scary. Every fever shakes your core. I stayed with him for four days in the hospital. He came home – and is doing great. But it mentally wrecked me. I was worried about him. ( and I admit – overly worried. I am working on it – praying about it too.) But I was also worried about my job. My customers. I care about my job. My co-workers. My customers. I want everyone to be happy. I don’t want to cause them any stress. (Another issue. We all know I’ve got them.)
Then Jacoby got sick. Stomach flu. Exhausted nights. Shift work of puke and poop. You have been there – I am sure. And then- whole driving to work glossy eyed – I thought, “Make a plan to be home.  Quit saying sideways – I wish I could stay home and make some money. I wish I could. Do it. “. 
Now- my husband has a job. I could quit. He could support us. But I am a widow. And for those widows out there – financial security is an absolute must in our brains – or at least a good few I have talked to. I will always work as long as I am able. I want to be able to contribute signicantly – and be able to support our household alone. You never know what could happen. I am a worst situation kind of planner. I need to be employed for my own peace of mind. And I am laughing as I am reading this – because it sounds like I am expecting catastrophic events to occur – and it’s not the case. It’s a security blanket. And I love being productive.  That’s just me. 
So. There it is In a nutshell. 
A big nutshell. But a nutshell. 
Let’s Summarize. 
1.  Thought it was a bunch of bull. 
2. Everyone looks amazing. 
3. Junky business model and would never make a dollar. 
4. Everyone looks amazing!
5.  Whoops – Great model. Just have to work. 
6.  Oh – and I forgot a few. Google it. Accolades. Celebrities use it. (Celebrities also use crack – so that’s not what I mean per se – just cut me some slack here.) Stanford Dermatolgists. Used in spas. 2+ year waiting list to see them in Their practice. 
7.  Everyone looks amazing!
And frankly, I love clothes. Makeup. Shoes. Hair. All things loud and noticeable. But – not my skin. I want that pristine. And I hope I can be successful – help others do the same – and help more people look even more amazing!!! 
Love you all!!
Send me a message if you have any questions!

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