Making memories – one song at a time!

So, here I am again. Thought of something profound, and decided that I would share.  Today, I spent the whole day with my kiddos.  And that isn’t something  that I get to do a lot, because I am a working mom.  And often, when I get a decent quantity of time with them, I try to fill it with “super fun” and “exciting” things to do.  Take for instance yesterday.  I told them on Friday night, that I would take them to dinner on Saturday – and they could pick the place.  Off to the Cheesecake factory we went.  And don’t get me wrong, we had a great meal – talked, it was a good time.  But nothing compared to the time we had today.

I will say I am an unconventional mom in many ways – uber conventional in others.  All I want is to raise good, compassionate, level-headed kids – who don’t act ridiculous and love God.  I don’t care if they are athletes, singers, engineers, or ditch diggers.  I want them to work hard and love harder.  And enjoy every single moment of this life.

So, this afternoon we decide to go to the craft store to pick up a few things.  We were sitting in the office area, talking about what we needed (and by we – I mean Isabella and myself, Tariq would probably choke if he thought anyone was thinking he was ‘crafting’) and listening to iTunes.  Then we all started singing.

Well, what ensued, was a plan that involved painters tape, an Ipad, song selection, and a whole lot of laughing.  I learned something today – no matter how much “fun” you try to slam into a small amount of time, it will not be perfect.  What makes perfection is enjoying each other’s personalities, and having fun in the moment.  Don’t let those moments pass by.  And if possible… set it to music and record it – so you can keep it forever.  Oh yeah – and laugh.  Hard.  I know I did.  Hope you do too.

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