Yep… I’m Happy… It’s for real.

So, if you are friends with me on Facebook – you see my daily antics with my family.  But, this Saturday, I posted a video of me and my kiddos lip-syncing to the Black Eyed Peas in my car.  To be honest, that is a normal Saturday for us.  I am a working mom, so Saturday is the day that we get errands done.  So – I turn errands into quality family time – as the best I can.  But – this video – got a huge response.  People were sharing the video that I didn’t know.  And I was reading comments like, “That’s a cool mom”, “They are making boring fun”… , etc.  And then I got messages to my inbox.  And frankly, they were praising me for being happy.  And here’s the thing – I am.

I was asked today, by a co-worker – “How are you always so upbeat and happy?  I mean, after all you have been through.  I haven’t been through anything like that – and I don’t know how you always so upbeat.  Always.”  So I thought about it – and here’s my answer.  First of all, I am not always upbeat.  I have a job that can be demanding.  I get stressed.  My kids try my patience at times.  I have problems.  I have struggles.  There are feelings deep down inside me that no one knows about.  Worries.  Stresses.  But, I acknowledge them everyday.  And choose to let it go.  I am happy.

I have been through a lot.  I found my husband after he died.  I worried about how I would support my kids.  I didn’t know how I could afford to feed them at times.  And I had a huge network of people around me, who would help with anything, but I was too proud to ask/accept help.  My canned answer was “We are fine, but if I need anything, I will let you know.”  There were points – where people loved me enough to force their help on me.  And that was the biggest gift ever.

But now, I don’t have those worries anymore.  It’s everyday life stresses.  But – everyday, I am happy.  I “honor every moment”.  My friend, Jacqueline – coined that phrase for me.  Whether it’s watching the moon glow over a lake, laughing with your kid struggling with shopping bags in the grocery store parking lot, and lip syncing like a 16 year old while driving down the road with your kids.  I will embrace every moment that I am given.  Because I realize that is all we have right now.  Those moments.  So hold on to each one, and laugh in each one.  And when you get overwhelmed – realize that next week it might not be an issue.  But if it is, work through it – and go on to the next one.

So here’s a list of what I am happy about today.
1.  I went to the gym on time.  #winning
2.  I made it through another work day.  Although at times, that was a little shaky.  LOL!
3. When the garage door opens, I have 2 faces staring at me straight on – one in the rear view mirror – and everyone is excited to see each other.
4.  I have an iPod.  Music makes me happy.  I sing loud in the car – it isn’t always lip syncing.
5.  I have a family that loves me.  My brother in law called me the other day, for no reason at all, just to say “Hi.” and check in.  Curtiss – you rock.  That made my day.
6.  I know what it’s like to love.  And be loved.
7.  I love my tattoos.  Anytime I am sad, I look at them and smile.  They all mean something to me.
8.  I have a Mac.  That should make anyone happy.  🙂

Have a great nite…. and go to bed happy.  XOXO

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