This is how it ends…. Or at least I thought so for a minute.

I had the flu.

For real.

Like, they stuck a cotton swab in my nose – ran a test – and it came back positive – for the flu.

They gave me Tamiflu.  So I am not kidding.  I seriously, had the flu.

I write this to tell you this.  I have never, ever, ever in the history of my life – been that sick.  I have said before, “I have the flu…”.  I will admit publicly – I HAVE NEVER EVER HAD THE FLU UNTIL NOW.  For four days, I had a fever.  I took motrin alternating with tylenol.  My fever never got below 100.5.  It got up to a little above 103.  I was pretty sure I was dying.  And there were moments, when I prayed to fall asleep.  Just so time would pass – and maybe I would wake up and be better.

Yesterday, I called in sick to work for today.  I have not called in sick in over three years to work.  And the last time I called in?  Food Poisoning.  I went to work a week after having a C-Section.  I needed the money and health insurance.  And I don’t say this to brag on myself or talk about how tough I am…. But I am tough.  But this weekend, I knew I was beat.  There was no possible way for me to be better in a mere 24 hours to go to work.

I woke up at 2 am.  Soaked.  My bedsheets were dripping.  My clothes.  My fever had broken.  And although it was disgusting – I almost cried.  Because I saw it as a sign that it was almost over.  Am I 100%?  Nope.  80%?  Still probably pushing it.  But, I have showered.  Walked around.  Poured some tea.  Talked to my kids, a little.  And have been upright a lot more than horizontal.  I laughed.  A few times.

And you know what’s scary?  Hearing my own laugh kinda shocked me.  But it made me smile.  It’s almost like I forgot in those four days – how to be human and myself.  I’m coming back, but wow.

This is why I am writing this.  I rarely pray and thank God for my health.  I pray to keep my family healthy and safe.  But I can’t say I have ever had  a grateful heart for just feeling good.  Well, there is a new reminder on my phone.  Be grateful for you health.  I can’t even imagine what it’s like for people who suffer daily with different illnesses.  So, I am thankful for this flu.  It put a lot in perspective.  And I am coming out of it with a grateful heart.  So, I pray I never get the flu again – but on the bright side – I learned something from it.


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