Father’s Day… Can sometimes be hard….

For those of you who know me well, you know I don’t take much stock in “commercial” holidays.  I honestly – don’t like them at all.  Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – actually aren’t my thing.  I feel like these holidays are great in a way – they are all about celebrating love, right?  But why do we need particular days to do it?  And it can be days that make you have great expectations, and then a huge feeling of sadness when it doesn’t live up to it.  Take Valentine’s Day.  How many times have you heard someone say, “Looks like I am going to be alone again this Valentine’s Day – #foreveralone.”  Well, they were single before – but that day seems to make it a prominent problem when it wasn’t before.

And now we are at Father’s day.  And scrolling Facebook compelled me to write this.  I have seen so many posts from people who have lost their father’s.  Their husband’s.  Father’s who lost their children. And it breaks my heart.  
Also, it makes my heart smile – to see families taking time out to honor the men in their life.  Celebrate the ones you love, and let them know how much they mean to you.  
And as today goes on, pray for those who are having a tough day today.  That have a feeling of emptiness inside.  Pray for those who have lost something huge.  Because, as one who has lost someone, it stings.  
So today, I want to say if you are hurting, I am praying for you.  I care about your heart.  And I hope you find a peace today.  I would also like to say thank you to all the great dads out there.  Those who step up to be father’s when they don’t have to be.  Who love children that aren’t theirs – like they are.  
I know this post is rambling, and I am sorry for that.  Just a lot of emotion today.  

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