Soooo…. Whatcha’ Doin?

So – I really wanna know. Whatcha doing in this pandemic? To be honest – my life is somewhat the same. I am an essential employee, so I am still going to work – just shorter hours and less busy. On the weekends, I stay home. Which, to be honest, isn’t that out of the ordinary. I mean, my weekends normally consist of the craft store, grocery shopping, a choir concert, hair appointments, etc. But it’s not like I am some social butterfly, running about town.

What I have noticed is this. It’s weird to have to really think before you go to the grocery store. Or, to ask someone to go for you. It is really weird to stay inside. Not going for a walk downtown. Or running to 7-11 to get a Coke Zero with ice. Ohhhh… I miss a Coke Zero with ice. It’s weird, not seeing my best friend when I want to. And it’s also weird, that my hair is turning into a whole mess. These things I have taken for granted wayyyyy too much.

And maybe, in a weird way – this is a good thing. I do believe, that myself personally, will be forever changed. And anytime I am annoyed from a crowd – I’ll be grateful I can be in one. And when I dread my kids starting school, or get annoyed over homework – I’ll be grateful, that I am not the teacher. Glory in Heaven for that. I am not teacher material.

But, for real. What have you guys done? I have, and in no particular order – Binge watched Tiger King. Same with My 600-lb Life. I have sewn a ton of face masks. I made two skirts. I am working on making a bathing suit – we will see how that goes. I have went to church in my Living Room, and have had worship service in my bathroom. I have learned that I am a hard core dance queen, and my daughter’s Tik Tok account is proof of that. I have meditated. I have watched movies. I have done yoga. I have done my make-up – just because I want to be pretty at home. LOL!

You know what else I have done? Cried. I have cried because I miss my bestie. I have cried because my hair looks like crap. I have cried over not knowing if I should or should not venture out to the grocery stores. I have worried over finances. I have made lists of things I want to accomplish – then I took a nap. So, I guess my intro is a bunch of malarkey. My life is different, too.

So, whether you are creating, or crying. Laughing or grieving. All are okay and perfectly acceptable. But drop a comment or send me a message, and let me know how you are handling it. And give me some good ideas – because this could be longer rather than shorter.

Oh. And Carole Baskin totally did it.

Love Fully. Live Fully. Shine On.

(And I won’t tell you to “Wash your Hands”, because you are grown and know to do that, and to say that is almost passive-aggressive, rudeness at this point. LOLOL! )

Sat Nam.


  1. Lol I binged watched Tiger King too. I am teaching my little one at home and trying to focus on me but its difficult! Be safe out there!


    1. I definitely will! And that is fantastic! Keep it up and you stay safe too! I know that the whole “homeschool” thing for me is super hard!!!! I would never be good elementary teacher!


  2. I am from Saskatoon Saskatchewan,
    Canada. For the past week, we have had
    At least 6 inches of snow( don’t know about the accumulation) just feels like that, every 4-5 days I have ventured out, I don’t want to but I know where everything is at the grocery store, I am in and out of there in 15 minutes.
    In the days before I venture out, I have started jig saw puzzles, I love doing these( Thomas Kinkade ones)
    Also in the past bought tv series on DVD, so I am binge watching them.
    I have prayed and cried and wonderered what our new normalcy will be like.
    I am a care aide and was taking care of a lady on palative care, she passed a week ago, what a wonderful lady she was.
    I had 3 jobs, but not allowed in 2 of them
    I work for myself now, and everyone is not allowed in to places until this is lifted.
    I have yoga as my workout and walking at least a kilometre or 2, but I am restricted from doing this , which I love to do.
    Otherwise than these, I give my 2 dogs lots of hugs and scratches and thank my lucky stars for what I have and am grateful for life itself.
    Take care


    1. Wow! I know it is so scary out there! Luckily, I live down in sunny Orlando, Florida – so at least we can sit out in the yard and get some fresh air and Vitamin D. And doing palative care – wow! It takes a special person to be able to do that. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and thank you so much for sharing! Xoxoxo!


  3. I am worried. That’s all I can say. I’m trying to dos one work – but my heart isn’t in it. I want to exercise – but I also want to sleep.
    I hope we return to normal soon. All of us.
    It’s too much.
    You writings do make me smile and laugh though. Please keep that up. And stay safe!


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